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Research Initiative Announcment

Announcing the formation of ALNET

Salutaris Centre Medical Director

Announcing Dr. Jaggi Rao as Salutaris Centre's new Medical Director

MTAA Professional Practice Award

Ian Soles, Salutaris Centre President and Clinical Director is awarded the 2013 Professional Practice Award

A Turning Point in Canadian Lymphatic Research

Salutaris is proud to announce a $5 million dollar donation to Lymphatic Research by the Dianne And Irving Kipnes Foundation

North American Vodder Association for Lymphatic Therapy

September 2013 Newsletter with Announcement from Ian Soles of Salutaris Centre


Global TV - Alberta Lymphedema Network Searches for Better Treatment for Lymphedema

Global TV's coverage of the Alberta Lymphedema Network, Salutaris Centre and the projects in place to help patients recieve better treatment

CTV - Your Health - In Search of a Cure for Lymphedema

CTV's coverage of the state of treatment availble to those with Lymphedema and the team who is trying to find a cure

Global TV - Lymphedema Research Gets $5 Million Dollar Boost 

Global TV's Coverage of the Diane & Irving Kipnes Foundation's $5 Million Dollar Donation to Lymphedema Research

CTV - Your Health News Segment

CTV's Carmen Leibel talks with Ian Soles and Dr. Dianne Kipnes about Lymphedema and our clinic


Filling the Void - Patient Education Series on Chronic Edema and Lymphedema Provides Knowledge and Hope

Spring 2015 Nursing PRN Nursing Education Magazine featuring article on Patient Education Series sponsored by Salutaris Centre

MacEwan Alumni Magazine

Ian Soles - Massage Therapy Graduate Becomes Specialist in Advancing Treatment of Lymphedema

Brandon Sun

University of Calgary gets large donation for lymphedema research

University of Calgary gets large donation for lymphedema research

660 News

U of C gets Funding for Lymphedema Research

Digital Journal

Lymphedema Research Gets $5 Million Dollar Boost

University of Calgary Article

Lymphedema Research gets $5 Million Dollar Boost from the Diane and Irving Kipnes Foundation

Calgary Herald Article

$5 Million Dollar Donation for Lymphedema Aims to Ease Suffering from common affliction of Cancer patients

Sun Media Article

Weighty Limbs - "Swelling is a large part of a post-cancer treatment patient's world..."

Alberta Fitness Article

"Are you or someone you know experiencing chronic swelling or recovering from an injury, accident or surgery?"