Therapists and Staff


Dr. Jaggi Rao - Medical Director  abed1dc0-757c-440d-b727-1f9e225ae1c3

Dr. Jaggi Rao is a double board certified dermatologist (Canada and USA) and a certified cosmetic surgeon. In 1995, he received a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree with high distinction from the University of Toronto, followed by his Doctorate of Medicine (MD) from McMaster University in 1998. He then completed his 5-year specialty training in dermatology at the University of Alberta. This was followed by the completion of an accredited fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Southern California. Dr. Rao is a full Clinical Professor of Medicine and served as the Program Director for the Dermatology Residency Training Program at the University of Alberta from 2009 to 2014.

Dr. Rao has won several accolades for writing, presentations, research and teaching, including the Canadian Dermatology Association’s Teacher of the Year Award. In 2011, he was the recipient of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 Award. He has authored over 50 scientific papers and textbook chapters, and has been an invited speaker for over 500 lectures worldwide to physicians, other professionals, industry and the general public.

Clinically, Dr. Rao has been a practicing dermatologist for over 10 years, and is the founder of the Rao Dermatology Centre, a popular medical & cosmetic dermasurgery facility in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta. He has developed several innovative treatment protocols and techniques that have been adopted by other healthcare professionals. Dr. Rao is the creator and visionary behind ConsultDERM™, Canada’s largest teledermatology service, which uses modern technologies to allow healthcare providers gain timely access, regardless of distance or location, to dermatology assistance for patients with skin-related problems. Dr. Rao continues to volunteer with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the Canadian Physicians for Aid & Relief (CPAR).

With his talent and passion for dermatology, creative mind, and ever-helpful nature, Dr. Rao is always ready to provide education. expert advice and patient care to all who desire it.


Lee Saunders - Therapist lee saunders massage therapist edmonton

Lee Saunders is a graduate of the 2200 hour Grant MacEwan University Massage Therapy Program from 2006 and has 8 years of experience as a Massage Therapist. To begin his career Lee provided therapeutic massage at Tres Xhic Salon and Spa from 2007 – 2010. He then went on to be the in-house Massage Therapist at the Edmonton Journal beginning in 2009-present.

Prior to joining Salutaris Centre Lee’s experience focused on both relaxation and deep tissue work for varied conditions including Motor Vehicle Accidents, Multiple Sclerosis, and Frozen Shoulders. During that time he received additional training in Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Reiki and Psychosomatic Analysis.

Through these additional modalities and courses, and the experiences that comes from day to day work with the body, Lee is of the belief that everything in the body is connected and has the potential to heal and maintain itself in health when supported with the proper self-awareness. The body should be shown the same care and respect as the person within it. He is particularly concerned with ensuring that his work recognizes each client as a whole person - multifaceted and unique. He ensures his clients learn how particular postures or habits in their lives contribute to their health and wellbeing.

Lee joined Salutaris Centre in the winter of 2011 after recognizing his interest in combining the benefits of both massage and lymphatic therapy to treat post-operative and injury recovery. Since that time he has gained Vodder certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy and now treats both musculoskeletal and lymphatic dysfunctions.

When not working Lee enjoys time with family and friends, furthering his understanding of the body, reading, creative art and design, rock climbing, quiet contemplation, traveling, music and of course good food. After all, we are what we eat, be it food or ideas.


Leila Power - Therapist leila power massage therapist edmonton

Leila graduated from the Grant MacEwan University 2200 hour massage therapy program in 2007 and has been active in her practice since then.

She started her career as a massage therapist in 2008 In the LeMarchand Mansion in Edmonton. During that time she was involved in a mixed discipline holistic health practice where she was exposed to the applications and benefits of many modalities.

Leila's interest in physiology and massage began at an early age as a competitive Short Track Speed Skater. Her experience as an athlete informed her awareness of the body as a whole and her belief that no ailment or dysfunction stands alone. Sessions with Leila always reflect a balanced approach to the mind/body as well as the unique needs of each client.

Leila began practicing Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) in 2009 after experiencing it for herself and seeing applications for it in her practice. She completed Basic and Therapy 1 levels of Dr. Vodder's Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Victoria, BC. Since then she has applied her practice to post-operative edema, whiplash, and trauma related edema. Leila has since completed her certification in Combined Decongestive Therapy with the Dr. Vodder School International earlier this year and now treats both primary and secondary lymphedema clients. Beyond MLD Leila's massage practice includes Hot Stone Massage, therapeutic treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, pre-natal massage and reflexology.

As a believer in lifelong learning Leila is always looking for opportunities to learn new techniques and skills whether they relate to massage, cooking or the outdoors. Outside of her work Leila enjoys the company of her family, friends and dogs, camping, snowboarding and cycling.


Shawna Biamonte - Therapist shawna2

Shawna graduated from Grant MacEwan’s Massage Therapy program in 1999 and has been practicing consistently for the last 18 years.

Her primary treatment modality focuses on deep tissue therapy, which she believes is more about where, and not how hard, you need to press. It can be extremely effective for treatment of a wide variety of people and conditions.

As a compliment to deep tissue, Shawna also incorporates CranioSacral Therapy, Fascial Release, Trigger Point Work as well as Visceral Manipulation in her treatments.

It is her belief that once you re-introduce symmetry to a person’s skeletal structure and release energy triggers within their muscles, each body can take care of a lot of underlying issues on its own.

Shawna is returning to her hometown of Edmonton after spending the last nine years working and studying in Calgary. She is available at the clinic part-time as she is returning to the U of A to complete her undergraduate degree.

Shawna spends her small amount of spare time trying out new recipes, reading, hiking, listening to music and travelling all over Canada and the world with her husband.


Stella Viszmeg - Therapist stella viszmeg

After graduating from MacEwan University's Massage Therapy program in June of 2016, Stella was eager to continue her studies in the Dr. Vodder method. She completed the Combined Decongestive Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage certification in the autumn of the same year.

In addition to MLD, Stella utilizes Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation and Swedish Relaxation Techniques to help her clients with musculoskeletal trauma or imbalance. She also offers Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Remedial Exercise when appropriate.

Stella has always instinctually cared for others and feels her work as a Massage Therapist as a progression of that natural aptitude. She believes that the most effective treatments occur when both client and therapist pay attention to the body's cues. This open communication then allows for treatment goals to be realized.

When Stella isn't folding laundry between clients, she can be found searching for ingredients to make recipes by Ottolenghi, reading or enjoying Edmonton's beautiful river valley.


Ian Soles – Therapist & President ian soles massage therapist

Ian continues to bring 20 years of clinical experience to treating lymphedema as a Vodder Certified Lymphatic Therapist and Registered Massage Therapist (MTAA).

 In 2010 he co-founded Salutaris Centre for Lymphatic & Massage Therapy in Edmonton with Dr. Dianne Kipnes leading it to be recognized by Alberta Health Services (AHS) as a comprehensive lymphedema clinic serving cancer and non-cancer related adult and pediatric clients.

 Ian continues to receive lymphedema and chronic edema referrals from Orthopedic Surgeons, Oncologists, Dermatologists, Pain Specialists, Family Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Occupational Therapists.

 In 2014 Ian delivered a paper at the International Lymphedema Framework Conference in Glasgow, Scotland entitled Putting Lymphedema on the Map in Alberta. In addition he has presented numerous sessions on lymphatic therapy to healthcare professionals, industry and patient groups. He also initiated and presented two Patient Education Series on Chronic Edema & Lymphedema in conjunction with MacEwan University and 3M Canada.

Following his participation in the development of a lymphatic research initiative at the Synder Institute for Chronic Disease, University of Calgary Ian was asked to co-lead an Alberta Lymphedema Network research initiative between:

  • University of Calgary Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases,
  • University of Calgary Kipnes Lymphatic Imaging Suite,
  • University of Alberta National Institute of Nanotechnology and
  • University of Alberta Human Metabolomics Project

to create a collaborative, sustainable, province-wide lymphedema research project for presentation to Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions.

Ian holds an undergraduate degree in Physical Education from the University of Alberta and a Diploma in Massage Therapy from MacEwan University.

Ian currently serves on the:

  • Board of the North American Vodder Association of Lymphatic Therapy
  • Canadian Lymphedema Framework Education Working Group

Member of:

  • The National Lymphedema Network (USA)
  • International Society of Lymphology (ISL)
  • Massage Therapist Association of Alberta MTAA)

In 2014 Ian was presented with the inaugural award by the MTAA for Professional Practice.



Gloria MacKinnon - Administration & Reception gloria mackinnon massage therapy reception

Your first contact with Salutaris Centre is likely to be Gloria MacKinnon. Gloria handles our administration and reception and is present Monday – Friday between 8:30am – 5:00pm to assist us in seamlessly meeting your needs. Whether you have questions about therapist availability, massage therapy coverage, or some general questions concerning our massage therapy services Gloria will be pleased to address your inquiries.

Gloria has a wide range of customer service and administration experience in a variety of industries since 2007 and is fully familiar with Salutaris’ services.

Gloria is proud to be a Big Sister for the past 3 years to a 11 year old girl with Big Brothers and Sisters of Edmonton as well as a Youth Leader to Grade 9 girls in Millwoods. A lifelong fan of music, she rarely passes up an opportunity to see her favorite bands when in town and enjoys going to local shows as well.

Duey Humes - Personal Trainer
Owner/Contractor - Body by Bennett

Duey is certified as a Personal Trainer by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is a Master ViPR Trainer. Prior to pursuing a career as a Personal Trainer he received a Massage Therapy Diploma from Grant MacEwan Community College.

As a dedicated and skilled Personal Fitness Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist with over 17 years of professional experience he brings a wealth of training and hands-on experience to his practice. His approach to fitness and training is an extension of his own life philosophy – he believes passionately in a holistic approach that integrates humour, fun, creativity and adaptability.

Duey demonstrates a client-centred approach, in which he seeks to educate and empower his clients by giving them choices and information – not restrictions. This approach, along with helping them facilitate short and long term goals, helps clients develop their own skill set and confidence, enabling them to integrate healthy lifestyle choices into their everyday lives.

Duey Hume’s most recent endeavour, in conjunction with Salutaris Centre, is to develop a series of exercises aimed at stimulating lymphatic flow. Increased lymphatic flow promotes reduced edema and increases the immune system function. These lymphatic exercises are appropriate for all individuals including those with compromised lymphatic system function.

“The bottom line is that Duey is passionate about helping people reach their full potential.”