Educational Videos

Patient Education Series

In the Spring of 2014 & 2015 Salutaris Centre partnered with MacEwan University and 3M Canada to deliver a patient education series on Chronic Edema and Lymphedema. The following videos were recorded in 2014 and cover:

Salutaris Centre Presents: Lymphatic Anatomy & Physiology

Ian Soles, RMT covers the important basics in lymphatic anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology required to understand the onset, progression, prevalence, interventions and treatment options in dealing with chronic edema and lymphedema.

Early Detection, Intervention & Risk Reduction & A Patient’s Journey with Lymphedema

Ian Soles, RMT discusses the importance of detecting, intervening and reducing the risk of lymphedema including topics on volume measurement, manual lymphatic drainage, compression, exercise, self-massage, volume tracking apps, lymph taping and other risk reduction strategies.

In the later half of the video Pauline Mitchell presents a powerful outline of her journey as a lymphedema patient and nurse educator struggling to get diagnosis and treatment of her condition as well as the impact of lymphedema on her lifestyle, work and family.

Compression Therapy & Best Practices in Chronic Edema & Lymphedema

This video begins with a presentation by Heather Watt, OT on using compression therapy, both short stretch and Coban2, to treat non-cancer related lymphedema at the CHRS clinic in Edmonton.

The later half of the video then offers a presentation by Ian Soles, RMT on Combined Decongestive Therapy for the treatment and management of both cancer/non-cancer related lymphedema.

Lymphatic Anatomy and Physiology

This section includes a selection of YouTube videos that provide educational information on how the lymphatic system functions, how it relates to the circulatory system and its role in the immune system function.  We have also provided video information on ways to maintain a healthy immune system and will continue to add more as they become available.



Lipedema Educational Videos

The videos offered in this link were filmed during a 2017 Lipedema Speaking Tour of Alberta by Dr. Josef Stutz, a German Vascular Surgeon, Mr. Ian Soles, Vodder Certified Lymphatic Therapist, Ms. Polly Amour, Lipedema Patient.  The videos provide instruction on how to identify lipedema and differentiate it from other related disorders such as obesity or lymphedema, treatment options, and the pyscho-social impact of lipedema.






Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

The following videos demonstrate a few of the fundamental massage strokes used in the Vodder technique for Manual Lymphatic Drainage.  As you can note in these videos the Vodder technique involves very deliberate, light, rhythmical strokes that include a zero pressure point in the stroke to direct the fluid along the lymphatic pathway.  This aspect of the technique is unique to Vodder and differs from all the other lymphatic drainage approaches currently practiced in North America.  It is these techniques that distinguish Vodder making it the leading manual lymphatic drainage technique in the world and considered the "gold standard" of practice.





Post-Operative MLD

The videos included in this section provide footage of interviews with a Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bart Rademaker of Tampa Bay, Florida discussing the importance of the lymphatic system in healing and the benefits of Post-Operative Manual Lymph Drainage.  As a result of his European training Dr. Rademaker is a proponent of MLD following plastic surgery and sports injury recovery.



Emerging Technologies & Treatment

Emerging Approaches to Lymphedema Treatment

The following six part video series presents a lecture by Dr. Stanley G. Rockson, MD, Chief of Consultative Cardiology, Professor of Lymphatic Research and Medicine, Director, Stanford Center for Lymphatic and Venous Disorders, Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine. The series addresses a number of emerging technologies and approaches to both diagnosing and treating lymphedema.

While these approaches are not widely available they are on the cutting edge of development and could provide solutions to move clinical practice and treatment forward for lymphedema patients.







Anatomy & Physiology

Video excerpts from a February 2010 interview with Dr. Stanley G. Rockson.